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Goddess-Sized Belly Dancer
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Julianna's Connections

Here you will find some of Julianna's favorite websites. Check them out and feel free to tell them Julianna sent you their way!

Julianna's Wardrobe
           Julianna is also a costume maker and designer visit her sister sight to check out her wares. 
Julianna is currently studying belly dance with
Suzanna Del Vecchio
           Julianna  takes weekly classes with Suzanna to strengthen her belly dance skills and gain yoga exposure. 

Suhaila Salimpour
           Julianna travels to the "mothership" for workshops and studies Suhaila's format via her online classes.
Julianna loves to dance with
           Julianna and Zaheerah are the founding directors of Raqs Nova. Check out Zaheerah's Sunday night beginning belly dance classes. 

           Julianna studied under Chaya privately for many years. Now as colleagues they occasionally choreograph together. 
Julianna loves to shop with
The Peacock Shop
           Megan makes pretty sparkly things! Also a place to shop for all your beading needs.